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Another common problem we have seen is the "Do you want to see insecure data" message from MS Internet Explorer when you change pages.  It is related to the security settings in the TOOLS/INTERNET OPTIONS/SECURITY section.  As soon as you log in, the connection becomes SECURE and MSIE decides you shouldn’t be able to view the things that aren’t “secure”. You can just 'click YES to view', or go to “Custom Settings” to find the selection that allows you to automatically view what MSIE calls “insecure” data.  This is just a VIEW setting and will not compromise the security of your computer. If you go to TOOLS/INTERNET OPTIONS/SECURITY you will probably find that you are in the “medium high” setting.  Please select ‘Custom Level’ and go down to the Miscellaneous section (about ½ way down) and find the ‘Display Mixed Content’ option – select ENABLE, then APPLY at the bottom and close the dialog.  Then try again.

Alternatively, you can try using a different browser - FireFox is well known and mature and is available at  -  it does not appear to have this problem. Chrome is another option that does not present this issue - it is available at

Hopefully, this will solve your problem.  If not, please contact the webmaster (use the link at the bottom of this page) for more help.


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