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In 2006, Spruell Motorsport moved from Chamblee to our 9,000 square foot building in Tucker, Georgia. We are still in the Atlanta area. This completely remodeled facility serves as race shop and warehouse for the mail order race parts business.

Our new shop on Stephens Court in Tucker, GA

Our race shop provides preparation and maintenance of race and vintage cars. We have added an engine dyno test cell to do research and tune the engines we build for our racing customers. With apologies to our old Alfa clientele, we did not continue in the street garage business. However, we can still provide your mechanical maintenance parts needs as well as whatever chassis parts are still available.

Our new web catalogue, SpruellMotorsport.com, sells a variety of race parts for vintage marques in addition to Alfa Romeo. Over at PaulSpruell.com we will maintain and update our Alfa offerings regularly. There we have space to go into greater detail about the Alfa products. Hopefully the additional information will help you in selecting the correct parts. You can then place your order here on line at SpruellMotorsport.com.

As Alfa Romeo racers and aficionados, we want to continue to maintain a close relationship with our clientele and friends of forty years. Thanks to the web, we now enjoy serving the worldwide Alfa racing community and we sincerely appreciate your business.

Paul Spruell 



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